About LTC

About LTC

SELTC Event categories:

  • Pre-Convention Events explore talents from writing to Bible teaching, working on projects such as a children’s book or radio commercial.
  • Challenge Events are designed to encourage a lifestyle of study, service, and leadership. Throughout the year, students are encouraged to spend time in God’s Word (Daily Devotional Challenge), serve others (Service Challenge), and teach others (Leadership Challenge, Teaching Challenge, Bulletin Board Challenge, and Worship Leadership Challenge).
  • Display Events – Bulletin boards, Christian Art, and scrapbooks allow students the opportunity to discover and develop artistic talents.
  • Convention Events – Bible Bowl challenges students to spend time in God’s Word throughout the year. Drama and Chorus help students develop specific talents while working together as a team. These events are highlighted at the annual convention, held each Easter weekend in Mobile, Alabama.

SELTC is more than preparing for a convention. It is about helping our students grow in their relationship with God and each other. We pray that students will seize the opportunity, through SELTC, to become strong leaders in their youth group, congregation, family, and community.

History of LTC

Leadership Training for Christ began in 1989 in Texas to offer a training program for youth that emphasized leadership skills, Bible knowledge, and service. Rather than competing against each other, LTC has been designed so that children and teens can encourage each other. What began as one convention in Texas has grown to a dozen convention sites across the nation. More than 12,000 young men and women from across the country now meet on Easter weekend to celebrate their accomplishments from a year of Leadership Training for Christ.​